Caterham Graduates to expand class structure in 2018

18 Oct 17

The Caterham Graduates Racing Club (CGRC) will look to build on the success of this year as it gets set to expand its class structure in 2018.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2017, the APL Health-backed championship scaled new heights as a bumper grid produced countless edge-of-the-seat moments on track.

Now looking ahead to next year, two new classes will be introduced based on the current Caterham Motorsport 310R and 270R specification cars, running the latest specification Ford Sigma TiVCT engines.

The first of the new classes will be titled the Sigmax VCT class and is based on the 310R machine whilst the second, the Sigma VCT class, is based on the 270R model.

For those wishing to compete, Caterham Academy and Roadsport specification cars from 2014 onwards can be upgraded to Sigma VCT class specification by making modifications to the ECU of a 270R machine.

Additional changes such as wide track suspension, race springs and dampers are all optional.

The Sigma class, which already exists, will continue and will now accept 2008 to 2013 non-VCT cars and Caterham Roadsport, as well as Caterham Academy cars from 2014 onwards.

On top of new classes being added, the existing Super class will merge with the Mega class, making a single K-Series Rover engine class.

In total, six classes will make up the APL Health Caterham Graduates Championship in 2018.

Andrew Outterside, CGRC Director, said: “The introduction of current Caterham Motorsport 310R and 270R specification cars for 2018 gives new and existing Club members an exciting opportunity to race the latest specification cars in our highly competitive, cost effective and sociable Club environment.”

Next year’s calendar for the popular one-make category is expected to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

For more information on the APL Health Caterham Graduates Championship, click here.