Karun Chandhok & Jordan King endorse latest Pembrey Circuit developments

03 Mar 17

Pembrey Circuit’s new corner sequence has been received a glowing endorsement from two high profile drivers this past week, both of whom sampled it first-hand.

Former Formula 1 racer turned broadcaster Karun Chandhok and GP2 ace Jordan King joined Alexander Sims and Double R Racing earlier this week (28th February) as part of the Welsh venues open media day.

Having both spent their formative years testing at Pembrey and honing their skills, which has gone onto serve them well, the duo were suitably impressed with the new technical section – hailing the work that has been overseen by Circuit Manager Phil Davies.

“It was really nice to be back at Pembrey,” Chandhok said. “My first time driving a racing car in Europe was here in 2001 so it was nice to have a reunion. I have done a substantial amount of mileage down the years here so I have fond memories.

“Pembrey has always had lots of good high speed corners but it perhaps lacked the slower, technical aspects other than the hairpin. This new corner sequence certainly to add that as it provides a real challenge to mastering braking, how the car will react when getting traction, etc.

“Once the second addition of corners out the back is made then it will certainly become a great place for categories like Formula E that need heavy braking zones and regeneration.

“This circuit has always been a great place for young drivers to learn their craft and part of its charm is that you can arrive and circulate round the circuit far more than you could at other venues; it really is a special place.”

Like Chandhok, King also had nothing but positive comments for the new rhythm of tarmac and also believes the racing will benefit from the latest addition too.

King explained: “Approaching that new corner at first was a bit strange but it certainly adds a different dimension to the venue.

“As a junior drive though Pembrey is a place that can build your confidence because it now has that mix of high and slow speed corners and there aren’t too many run offs. Being able to develop your braking ability is something this circuit enables juniors to do.”

“In aero cars in the past it has been sometimes to overtake but this second big braking zone is perfect. I have no doubt you will see drivers making lots of moves and if they aren’t then the new corner will serve as a great place to set someone up for an overtake later in the lap.”